Madrat Mobile – The best choice in your search for a Houston Permit expediter.  We help expedite building permits at the city of Houston permitting office and almost all other surrounding municipalities. like Sugarland, League City, Laporte, Bellaire, Harris County, Pearland, and more.  Our base run fee includes taking your prepared to specification building application to the city and returning the permit to your office.    All additional city fees will be due at the time the permit is delivered.

Additional considerations for your Houston permit expediter

We also perform plan corrections when possible to avoid returning the application set to you. This can incur additional permit run fees and valuable time.  We understand that it is crucial to get your projects underway. Hence, it is most efficient to have building plans ready to go the first time around.  Each city has different requirements and most can be found on their websites or by calling the building permit department if you have any questions.   We look forward to being your first call when you think of a Houston permit expediter or a Houston Permit Professional.

Call us at 713-480-3839 to discuss running your permit application.